Coffee. London. Fine.

Caffè Latino is a fast growing Italian coffee chain based in Central London.



Coffee. London. Solutions.

Caffè Latino is a local coffe supply company for the hospitality industry based in UK.


Caffè Latino timeline, the rest is history:
1. We started in 2017 launching a strong partnership in Central London with the iconic brand Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle (Caffè del Mercato by Caffè Latino)!
2. In 2019 we partner with a co-working space with a a new coffee corner at Fora in Borough (Fora by Caffè Latino).
3. By the end of 2019, the first independent coffee store was opened in Tower Bridge Road (44 Coffee by Caffè Latino).
4. At the beginning of 2020, we partnered with a Gluten Free Restaurant in a new coffee corner was open in the colourful neighbourhood of SoHo (Leggero by Caffè Latino).
5. At the beginning of 2021, we partnered with a UK-based coffee roaster - finally becoming completely independent in the product we wanted to deliver!

In London, we make our coffee following the Italian tradition – finding the right balance through blending different medium roasted beans.

We are always looking at innovation and understanding what the London flexible market is demanding.

The name “Latino” comes from the fact that the majority of the Arabica coffee is sourced in Latin America.

“Latino” also represent a very happy and joyful way of living of which we all are brand ambassadors of! ☀️

Caffè Latino is certified by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and the Espresso Italiano Institute.