Coffee for NHS

St Thomas’, Guy’s & Evelina NHS Hospitals in London

This is no ordinary time, and these are no ordinary teams. Doctors, nurses and all of the wonderful 17,500 NHS staff members across St Thomas’, Guy’s and Evelina NHS Hospitals in London are working around the clock to care for those affected by the pandemic. Day and night, they are working tirelessly, providing support that is above and beyond, and giving the best possible care to patients during this unprecedented time.

‘Hardly any NHS wards have an espresso machine. Most have got one of those industrial tubs of instant, but we know they’d massively appreciate something that tastes better (we’ve asked). It isn’t the biggest thing they need, granted. But this is something that’s easy to help with.’ (NHS Coffee Appeal)

Right now, the wellbeing and welfare of our teams is of the upmost importance. With your generosity, Caffè Latino provides Espresso Machines, and Compostable Coffee Capsules, Cups within staff well-being zones across the hospitals.

Raised: £ 1.250
5 Coffee Machine
5.000 Coffees