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8 Hertz


A truly symphonic cup of coffee. We designed our 8Hertz blend based on sound frequencies effects on coffe roasting and on the number eight.
Caffé Latino plays music and sounds tuned to Verdi’s Pitch (A=432Hz) while creating the “8Hertz” blend. This coffee therefore is exposed to a middle- C vibrating at a frequency of 256 times per second, or 2 to the 8th power.

The significance of this lies in the unusual power this shift in pitch exerts on the human psyche… Just as in music, this altered pitch will help creates a gentler experience. Modern tuning of A=440Hz is brighter, slightly louder and higher pitched than Verdi pitch. It is a speeding-up that we have come to accept. With this blend we want to bring back this gentler sound featured by the likes of Pink Floyd and Giuseppe Verdi.

8° Parallelo


This custom blend is a selected mix of the best eight beans that lie on the eighth parallel south. Caffé Latino proposes this blend so that you may taste all the aromas of this ancient route in your cup.

The Eighth Parallel is that coffee route that sailors used to connect South America with the Orient, encompassing much of Africa and India along the way. Our blend contains 90% of the best Arabica from Latin America, and the best washed Indian Robusta.

“8° Parallelo” is 8 beans from 8 locations on the 8° parallel.

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Our ground coffee is freshly made in different choice of superb drinks

Hot drinks
Espresso, Cappuccino, Cortado, Flat White, Latte, Mocha.
Espresso Martini, Shaker Coffee.

Cold drinks:
Espresso Martini, Shaker Coffee.

Filter coffees:
El Salvador “Pacamara”, Ethiopia “Sidamo Mocca”, Kenya “AA Washed”, Guatemala “Antigua”, Colombia “Supremo”, Brasil “Santos Flor”, Jamaica “Blue Mountain”